Four Dreams Ago

Four dreams ago

I was falling head-first into a stream of knowledge


When I woke, I wished I hadn’t

And I wished well enough, the wish was granted


I remember the drift, in and out of sleep

In and out of laughter


Jumping from vision to stranger vision

All had holes and were wavy like water

I almost but never completely lost my balance


(The volunteer director-of-photography

Did drop the camera once in his stumblings

But all the footage is still in tact)


“Careful! I need those”, I said about my eyes

But I need them for reasons you would never expect


See this with me:


My heart pumps better blood

When I am trapped in better floods

And friend,

I know very well how to spill a pool when I am in one.

Do you like to swim? Are you an expert?

Do you like to spin? I’m on my toes


I need my eyes because the way the trees look taller 

when I have to sit down and catch my breath.

Because the way seeing that very same breath in a winter air

Does so well to remind me:

How fast things can disappear!


I need my eyes to see, when precious things evaporate

The things that spill into their place.

I remember you by your colors

But I wish I remembered you by your shapes