William Bloom is a 26 year-old singer-songwriter for those who like to look inward and search their souls while listening to music. Like his Kansas home right in the center of the 50 states, he likes to write his music from the center of otherwise-polar states of mind. The willingness to entertain both sides of any story comes out in his thought-provoking lyrics and intricate/often-quirky guitar accompaniments.

"Every musician has a niche. William Bloom is perfect for a coffee house open mic / poetry reading kind of place. I don’t think anybody could do it better than William Bloom. His lyrics are thoughtful and heart felt.... ...This is a much more refined, introspective soul searching kind of music. Listening... ...legitimately makes you feel like you have learned something about yourself on an emotional level."

                                                                                                              -Review of William's latest album, by Ben Chambers

He has been writing and recording consistently for 10 years, having released 4 albums already (the first three under the name Billy Bloomquist) and having played hundreds of shows around Kansas in that time. He graduated from Friends University in 2013 with a music degree, and since then (when he's not writing) has been teaching private guitar/voice/songwriting lessons at AirHouse Music Academy.